Three Counties Cross Country League


1. Participating club runners should be fully paid members of a participating league club and eligible to compete for that club. They will remain eligible to run for that club for an entire season and cannot switch clubs during a cross country season.

2. The minimum age for participation in the league is 17. A runners' age will be determined by their age on the day of the first race.

3. All participating club runners must wear club colours. Anybody not wearing club colours will be excluded from the scoring team.

4. Runners have to retain their allocated number for all the events of the league.

5. A scoring team will consist of 8 male runners and 4 female runners. Each scoring member in the combined team competition will contribute a point score equal to their overall position within the race. In the Male and female team competitions each scoring member will contribute a point score equal to their position within their gender.

6. If a club is unable to field a full team, the missing competitors will score as the last position in the race plus 1. The concession will be operated at the discretion the league referee and a club will not be permitted to take advantage of the concession on a regular basis.

7. The club position for each event will be determined by the total points of the scoring team. League points will be awarded to each team according to their position within the fixture. Any team failing to compete in a fixture will receive no points.

8. The overall league position will be decided by taking the total of the league points for all the fixtures. In the event of a tie, the total number of scoring points will be used to determine the winner.

9. Overall individual positions will be calculated for those people competing in all or all bar one fixture. Those competing in all events will be able to discard their worst result. In the event of a tie, the results will be recomputed allocating points for only those involved in the tie. This process will be applied until no further resolution of the tie can be achieved. Prizes will be awarded for 1st position in each age category. Individuals will only be eligible to win one award with open prizes being awarded before age prizes (so if win open prize will not also win age category).

10. Race permits are obtained by the club hosting the league for all races of that season through ARC. In addition, each hosting club will ensure that a referee familiar with AAA and XC rules has been named prior to the race and provides race feedback to the host club following the race, which is available to share with the league if requested.

11. All participating clubs must be affiliated to UKA or ARC.

Rule changes agreed for this season (2018/19) are:

All runners need to be members of a league club and eligible to run for that club for the entire season. There is no longer any second claim runners.
The age category requirements for scoring have been removed so there is no longer a requirement for any particular age categories within the scoring runners for your club.

Last Updated: 18 03 24